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Anyways, there is not much going on right now except that its SUMMERR! And i have a lot of plans! Ridin, hanging with elle and lots more! I will write more tommorrow! XOXOXO BARN GIRLSS!


Hey girls! It's getting hot out... again... hmmph. This is lame.. it's too hot to go riding and its upseting lol. Cuz the horses can get dehydrated really easy especially dude and he L-O-V-E-S his water lol. So they are chillin in the shade of the lean-two right now cuz its nice and shady in there. Today my mom works from 1-7 so im pretty much home alone considering Mark [my bro] and my daddy are working... whooo hoo... not. I hate being home alone. So, my mom gave my chores to do which is even suckier.. i have to get them done so that Helene can come over and i will do aything to make it so she can come over. Cuz i haven't seen her for like a week and we planned to spend all summer together so from now we are going to. Tommorrow she is coming around supper cuz i am busy the rest of the day... Riding with Ken and stuff. Which i am like SUPER excited for. Tommorrow should be SOOO much fun.... as long as my mother doesn't get involved with her cranky ness tommorrow. LOL. I am like sad now... cuz i had to tell Jordy that i couldn't come in the parade. But the Jordy i know is cool with it and i love her for that quality. Anyways girls, I gotta go now. So i will write more later considering i won't be very busy ahha.


ily all...


JUNE 30TH/08

Hey guys! Well i am officially upset... my dad was going to go fishing for a week tommorrow and helene was coming over... buttt.. then we found out it was changed to wedsnday and now its THURSDAY! Urgh! Its really upseting cuz i was so excited for tuesday and then it got changed to Wednsday... THEN THURSDAY! URGHH! HELENE IS GUNNA BE SO UPSET! But, i have to think on the bright side and remember that its for a whole week... so that will be good. Well its pretty late... 11 pm on the dot. I sleep outside in a tent cuz im cool=] so i better get out to my tent cuz i am going riding with ken tommorrow!


P.S i did end up getting my chores done... LAST MINUTE! hahaha.






JUNE 30TH/08


Hey cowgirls! Ok, so tommorrow [wedsnday] i don't have any plans... probably going riding... but thats about it. I told elle about not being able to come until Thursday and shes mad about it too.. but o well.. we will live... MAYBE! lol, i went for a 2 hour trail ride today which was really fun... it was really hot but i lived... i'm going to take Helene on the trail ride too.. hopefully my mom doesn't come.. she's a fun wrecker.. lol. I gotta change Dude's reins.. so that it's easier on his mouth.. cuz unless you ride him daily its hard to know where his reins go.. and elle is riding him and i am riding sweetheart because bobby is all cut up on his legs cuz he reered and everything when we were trying to get him loaded but he finally loaded which was good. I am crazy hot even though it is only 22 degrees today. I can not beleive its only the first day of July! I still have two months of holidays left! WHOOO HOO! =]]]





Brittany Barn Girl






Hey all you cowgirls! I just got back form cheryls house.. it was fun i just hung out with Shawney and stuff. Then i rode Travis and then came home=]. I want to get in touch with you guys... you should e-mail me and tell me about yourselves and stuff =]. And you should sign the guestbook or start a forum... that is like my favorite part about this site =] heheh.Sooo... i am so bored i could rip my head off... welll ok i guess thats going a tad bit far lol. I actually L-O-V-E writing in this thing for some reason.. i feel it gives me a way to keep in touch with the outside world.. lol. Ok, thanks a lot elle you got me in the habit of the ... thing lol. She even told me that it was addiciting... anyways ... darn i did it again. Tommorrow i have to clean the house and get ready for my dad to leave on the fishing trip and helene and her mommy to come. Boy am i excited. I wonder how many people actually read this thing :P. I hope lots. I am going to go and put ads up everywhere for people to come here lol. If yo can  please tell people about this site it would be really helpful for me and elle to get our word out about ourselves.. When we are older we are going to own a ranch together with a  lot of horses. See the thing is with some people they say BFF and don't mean it.. me and helene we ACTUALLY mean forever!



Brittany Barn Girl



Hey all you cowgirls out there! Well today my mom has a lot of  stuff for me to do. Boring. I have to clean the whole instead of the house and the whole outside and we have to work with the horses and we have to make food and get groceries... so i think that i will be busy all day, so i won't be writing twice today. Anyways, when Helene comes on thursday my mom is not home so we can't go riding, so we will go quading instead that will be just as fun. Well, maybe not just as fun. I am so excited to take her on that trail ride and i think my mom might let us go on our own too. It will be awesome. But its REALLY long so you have to walk a lot of the way so that they don't get tired. It takes like 2 hours to get through all of it lol. And its hard to find your way home. But what i do is a run the whole last feild =] its tons of fun. Anyways guys, time to get to work!









Hey girls! I made time to write =]. Well today was pretty hectic with all the cleaning and stuff. Our cupboards are full of food for when helene comes cuz my mom knows we pig out lol. Well Helene will be here from Thursday to Tuesday which is awesome =]. I Am really excited! My room is clean and everything and i am ready to go! I went for a ride today too and i rode Sweetheart. It was a good ride =]. Mom rode Bobby and she had a good ride too. I am SOOO excited for my new english saddle to come in its crazy! Its an english saddle that i gto for my birthday but of coarse it hasnt come in yet which i really lame!. Anyhoo, I gotta go i'll write with elle tommorrow and we'll post pics! Loverz you!


Barn girl britt!





Hey girls! I am waiting for helene to come! Once again i am so excited! Mom is at work till 3:30 and then we can riding. We are going to go slip and sliding before she gets here. Woo! Lol. I am going to eat soon so this isn't going t o be a very long one. Ok, so i would like you guys to know that i would appreciate it if you told me what i could do better on this site so i can improve it. Thanks tons, we will write later and post some pics. I love yaa.



Barn girl brittany

July 3rd



Hey girls! Well Helene is here now and she is on my computer and i'm on my moms! We have done lots so far and i have had fun, sorry that we havent posted pics i still gotta take some lol! And then i will post them as soon and there on the computer.. it's just we have been having so much fun hehe. Lol so anyways, we went slip and sliding and some other crap and now we are talking to a complete SPAZZ on msn lol. EX- best friend, shes a loser. Anyhoo thats another story but long story short we dislike her! :P BIRTHDAY IN 17 DAYS!!








Hey cowgirls! Me and elle are still just hanging out, we have heard from some of you barn girl readers and thats awesome, I talk to Karli lots and she is good to talk to=]. So me and elle are pretty much just chillin today at home, we did go to cheryls where dude had a spazz attack, they were doing mounted shooting and well he flipped it was kinda funny but yet not funny :P:P anyways so when we got home we came and did this, workin on our sites and talking toyou guys! great fun!



love you ltos!



July 4th/08

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even best friends fight.





July 5th/08


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Hey all you cowgirls! I know i already wrote today but what the hoo, no one cares:P don't you like hearing from me? Lol. Anyways, if there isnt a blog for like two days im sorry lol sometimes the thing doesn't publish them and it ggets on my nerves, ok so on the 9th i'll be gone for i think 4 days cuz i am going to tee-pee creek with cheryl to babysit cole and catie which i am so excited for! :D anways i love you!





Hey guirls! Sorry i didn't write yesterday, was real busy. Anyways, so i'm not going to tee pee creek anymore, cole and catie didn't want to go so i decided i didn't want to either. So today only plans i have is to go riding. My saddle landed in San Fransico yesterday so only about 4 more days =]. Anywhoo, today is my mommy and daddy's anniversary. But... my dad is gone =[. He'll be home tommorrow. Ok so i gotta go get ready to ride.  i love you all!


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july 7th

Hey girls, so i checked where my saddle is and its in Canada Customs so it should be here within the next 2-3 days, which is super awesome, i dont think i have showed you guys it yet, well i will post it on later. Mom is with bobby at the horse chiopractor to get his back checked and stuff, so that is good, my fingers hurt so bad from typing today so im not going to write much. This is my new saddle. . Can't wait for it to come!!




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Hi, ok well i'm officially upset and mad, ok well one of helenes friends, thinks that she has the right to say i dont deserve my horses, well she can just shut up, i don't even know her so if she wants to act like that then she can mind her own business, the worst part is that HELENE told her about this site, and elle always tells me that she doesn't like her and then she goes and talks about me with her, and that really hurts, cuz helene is my best friend. Anyways, i have to go





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Hey girls! Well, my saddle is STILL in customs, that makes me REALLYY mad, but anywhoo, prob another 2 days? not sure. I have to call andrea, she will be the one giving me english lessons =] she is reallly nice. I am pretty much uber excited lol, so today bobby tried to buck Sheryl, that bad boy, :P. But she straightened him out lol. I am so excited to get on him with the english saddle, i am going to try in on dude also tho, So i basically know nothing about english except how to saddle and how to post =] hehe im pro. Lol. Helene is the expert there:P Im the western expert, and i must say i am pretty good at bareback:P fastest i can go is a fast lope haha, i will master gallop [i doubt it but dont crush my dreams] anyways, girls, i gotta go xoxox



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OMG COWGIRLS DO I EVER HAVE NEWS!!! OK WELL, first of all my ENGLISH saddle came!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then i got english boots from jordy for 20$ NOT USED! [ima deal finder rofl] andd.......... I HAVE AN AWESOME ENGLISH TRAINER! she is SOOO nice and she told me so much and she is gunna teach me jumping, she lives in Daysland but she has been riding her whole life, she is a nurse and she knows everything there is to know !!! She is gunna teach me to jump and everything, she is taking me to shows and doesn't talk behind my back and make fun ofmy horse! She is my moms friend! AND a really good friend of sheryls! I can NOT wait to get in my english saddle! Today has been the best day ever! I went to jordys house and everything was perfect! Even sundance when i rode him :P:P Anywhoo, thanks for listening girls!






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July 9th!

Hey girls! Sorry i havent been writing as much but i have been on the go! I still write almost every day but just way later in the day! its 10:30 pm right now! Urgh i so want to talk to Karli! I hope shes on msn when i am real soon! I am going to ask her to call me one day! That would be so awesome to talk to her on the phone! Yepp that would be! I had my first english lesson today, it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be i just have to work on keeping my heels down =] anyhoos, i have to go t2 bed soon cuz the ferrier is coming earlier tommorrow to do dudes hooves and mom is all liek " you have to be there to help him" when really.. dude doesnt need help rofl.



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OXOXXO July 11th





Hey cowgirls,

this has to be quick, i didnt do much today i only went into town to get tim hortons with my dad once and the other part i helped my mom with sweetheart cuz she cut her hoof bad and we had to shoe her anyways dont have much time zxoxox







Hey girls! I finally got the computer in my bedroom working so thats good!! Anyhoos, i have LOTS of new pics toupload for you guys! Heres a couple samples lol, I want youguys to add me on msn so i can get to know you all! That would be great! I am sobored i could kill myself lol, i am listening to music and just hanging out, nothing much to do out here, ill prob go take some more pics, i am going to start posting videos on youtube, well it'll be more like pic slideshows, cuz i can't take vids with my camera which sucks really bad, anywhos, i love you girls!




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Hey girls! Me and helene want bucky to come home really bad, He is like Helene's world! And i want to go riding with them two, it will be awesome to just go galloping along! I also can't till Bobby is trained english by Andrea! I have a lesson tommorrow and she's getting on him some more and working with him on his skills and stuff, He'll probably try to buck her but she can handle it, she knows more about english then anyone i know, and Sheryl knows the most about western, Sheryl and Ken. Anywhos, i am so excited to hang out with Helene, hopefully Tuesday we can, i can convince mom, cuz we dont have any plans that day so she CANT say no, haha! She used all her excuses! She is such a meany! I miss helene times infinity! Wen i see her i'm going to give her a big bear hug! Haha, tahts right im gunna! LOL! Anyways girls, I gotta go.


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 iJULY 13TH/08

Hey girls! So i had another lesson today and i had a lot of fun, she made me work work work for three hours, yelling thumbs up heels down head up shoulders back! Haha i had a lot of fun though and i made a new friend! We are having a sleepover cuz my mom is workin that day and so is Andrea so we are gunna hang out so we dont have to sit at home alone by our selves! Her name is TJ! Anyhoos, i cant make this long but every page on the site is updated with something so check it out, on the sides there's stuff and everything, its awesome!



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Hey girls! Its been three days and i apologize, i was at a sleepover! I hope you guys all forgive me! So me and tj had a lot of fun and i hope we can do that again soon! Shows coming up for me, shall be fun. I sent in the forms, good thing i did cuz its the last day too! Sorry girls, if you wanted to enter its too late, i would of posted sooner but i only found out not long ago, aka yesterday! I would be going to a different one next week but too late to send in the papers so i decided not too, for one of the shows dudes not going cuz its  VERY long drive up there and i dont want to stress him out with such a long trailer ride! So i am taking Scole! And MAYBE BoBBY, not sure yet, Anyhoos  girls, ima go to bed now, xoxo i love you all!






Hey guys! Well not much to write today, just that i went to sheryls, and i went for a ride on bobby cuz dude is taking a three or four day break cuz we are going to emte town for three days on tuesday and its a lot of riding, so that lil boy is taking a break and he has a lot of energy, boy is it ever cute!! I love him to death, and guys guess what?? MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMMORROWW! EEEKKK! :P. I am exxcited cuz i finally get to see Helene! Which will be soo much fun. Ook guys im going to roast marshmellows soon! XOXOXOX






Hey girls! Ok sorry i didn`t write yesterday, but come on it was my birthday! LOL Well, i hung out with elle today and had a blast, we went fishing and everything i had so much fun!! If i explained it all, it would take all day! LOL, so i wasnt home all day today, so nothing much to say, tommorrow mom works so i dont know what i will do, i have bad new though, i am not going to emte town anymore cuz stupid trinas truck over heats, hmm im really sad that i am not going =[. Anyways, girls ill write tommorrow morning its just i am really tired after a loong day!! XOXOXO


Hey girls! I am going to cheryls house for a sleep over, and jordyne and cateelyn are there, its our girls night sleepover=]. I am very excited for it, and we will be riding like the whole time =]]. Exciting, and then thrusday we are going trail riding at Black Foot. That will be fun too. I am leaving soon so i didnt have enough time update very much, but i will tommorrow. Ok girls, i better go get ready to leave!



july 22nd!

Hey girls, i know i haven't updated in three days and im really sorry about it its just i have been really busy. i have been at blackfoot trail riding and riding a lot and hanging out with friends and having sleepovers so i haven't had the time to update the blog as much anymore but just remember it will get updated eventually, try emailing me when you really want the site updated:P then i will know that someone wants it updated and i will. I will do it on my own too though. I have to go babes, i hope to talk to you soon!



Hey girls, its july 26th and im just writing to let you know that nothing really happened today and i am sorry that i haven't been updated as much, i have been really busy and i dont have much time to be updating either, but just to let you kow that i haven't forgotten about you and i still love you all and i hope that people are checking the site and that people are enjoying it, remember to be signing the caht/forum and guestbook, and i hope that we help you meet new people, check elles site.. www.barngals.webnode.com and everyone have a good night!

Yay we are finally getting on track again, but i do leave on tuesday and i wont be able to update again until Monday! I know like a whole week without an update will be hard, everyone just hang tight kk? I would really appreciate that! I leave for my house in sylvan lake on tuesday, and then i am there till friday and then i leave for my gymkhana. Wooo hoo! It shall be oodles of fun :D. Wish me luck everyone! I am really missing talking to you guys and i hope that you contact me soon, if you are reading this, and i dont talk to you regularly, just take the time to email me! Please! I would really like to get to know you guys! love.britty.66@hotmail.com or horses_cowgirl_brittany@hotmail.com or if you have a yahoo acount... reiser_girly@yahoo.ca thanks everyone! ii appreciate it, if you got facebook search Brittany Reiser, and click add add add! :P see you later guys!

Hey girls! Wooft, am i ever busy! I am busy until Monday! And then on Wedsnday again i get busy again! OK, heres my schedule:P













SO, as you can tell i am pretty busy :P anyways, moms at work today so i have nothing to do, she didnt even leave me chores, yay me. LOL, but the sad part is, mark is home, and i have a lesson, poopy. But, im out girls! talk soon! ill try and blog tommorrow. but as you see, im busy lol. oxoxo

 july 30th


Hey girls, its late so i can't write much, i am leaving tommorrow, so there won't be a blog until Monday, or even tuesday, i am very tired as i just got back from roping with ken and i am pooped. I have to get up at 7 tommorrow to get ready and then i have to drive three hours, great. My dad gave me his old cam, so i will post a lot of pics, yay! i will have new youtube videos up also!! SEE YOU MONDAY OR TUESDAY!!








YOOO GIRLS! I am finally back WOO HOO! Lol, gymkhana went well it was fun i guess, tough competitors, im not going to go into details but they were good! lol, umm, i will be making new youtube videos so search BrittyR101 and those are my videos lol, i am using a diff saddle now and its awesome and everything lol, um i dont have much to talk abuot so i love you guys lots, gots a show on sat, see you soon ! xoxo! August 4th


Hey cowgirls, i have new pics on here! Finally eh? These are just some pics from the weekend! The gymkhana, there is some new youtube videos up also, search BrittyR101, umm heres the pics...



Barn girls is slowly closing down, i would appreciate it if no one asked why! Thanks, this is due to private reasons!