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The other Horses!


Bobby is a good boy. I love him ALOT. His ground manners are WONDERFUL but he hasn't been rode lots and he has lost some of his riding skills.... he LOVES to jump and is really good at it.. he will be english when i teach it to him, and once i learn too:P. He is a beautiful black gelding quarter horse 11 years old. He is in the photo gallery and there is more pictures of him coming soon. ily bobbo.


Sweety is a good girl, but she is still young. She is my mom's horse and she is still learning except she is doing really good in a saddle. She has been taken to one show and she did... well she left after halter mares cuz she was a bit... excited? But for a pleasure ride she is definitly good. She will do what she is told nicely and everything and she will definitly learn more. She is a 6 year old bay quarter horse. She is the one eating in the gallery of pics =]

xox. ily Sweetheart.

Photo Gallery: The other Horses!